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Fully Insured - Dependable
Cleanest & Best Equipped Trailers in Oklahoma
S&S Oilfield Rental Inc.
101 Robison
Elk City, Oklahoma
Local: 580-225-2501
Toll Free: 888-224-2501
Fax: 580-225-2509

Serving the area since 1986

Trailer Houses
Large office trailer 14x75
Small office trailer 14x 70
Fully furnished with free satellite tv
Water dispenser
King size bed

Office Only Trailers
10x30  office trailers

  Meeting Houses

26 KW to 105 KW
300 gal. fuel tank

Freshwater systems 1500 gal. & up
Bottled water

Phone land lines
AT&T and Alltel Telular phones with optional internet & fax
Intercom systems

Septic Systems available on request

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With services ranging  from small office trailers  to complete two bedroom units, we are able to offer our cutomers the complete package. 

To better serve our customers during this economic strain we have lowered our daily rental prices so that we can remain competitive with other vendors.

Current News:
January 29, 2009

Estimates Available
Accepting Bids

Services Available

We have floor plans available for your vewing here.
Click on a plan for a better view. 
Small office floorplan

Small office floorplan

Large office floorplan

Large office floorplan